Setting Up Of Business Goals Are Vital For Its Working

One of the critical factor for the success of any business organization lies in the fact that it does proper planning. One needs to do an appropriate set of planning for it working, and for that, you need to set a particular set of agreed objectives and goals. Without setting the objectives businesses, can’t operate properly. These objectives are the road towards the success of any business organization.  Indeed the one-stop destination towards the successful working of the organization says Gaurav Mohindra.

One must concentrate on the various goals and objectives to be a successful entrepreneur. When your intentions are clear, you can define the correct road map to run the business. Goals are the results of the efforts you have put in the market, whereas objectives are the required steps taken by you to achieve your goals. One should have a clear vision, and your endeavors must be to the point. The growth in business, your profitability, and the satisfaction of your customers must be your goals, which could be achieved by the right steps you take to meet those goals.

Every person in business aim to make profits, which has been his sole goal, which means increase in revenue with minimal expenses. In order to achieve your goals, sales should be increased by ten percent annually, or minimum three new customers added every month.

Your annual goals regarding your customers are as follows:

Complaints of the customers should be adequately addressed and reduce it by at least fifty percent in a year or fix one day in a week to listen to your customer’s grievances says Gaurav Mohindra.

One ought to hire more people for this to attend complaints of customer service staff should be increased threefold in a year or make sure to call your customers daily to enquire about your product’s performance.

Staff Handling: Your goal of holding your staff is determined by the way you handle them in case of an emergency. To achieve this, make an account of holidays your staff members take, for example if one employee takes five leaves in three months, increases the number of holidays two times in the next six months. To reach this goal, every recruit should be trained for ninety days before making him permanent. Arrange a meeting with your employees in a week or two and interact with them to know what is there in their minds.

Managing the Finance: It implies the management of finance, which is the life and blood of the business. And investing it in the right direction towards the utilization of its goals. The business objective towards acquiring and utilizing it in the right direction is one of the very vital things which needs proper planning says Gaurav Mohindra.

Without the plan of utilization of finance, no business can operate correctly—a lot of objectives of the organization work on this objective that is the finance objective.


Public Relations Pitch Guide

A three-step guide to gaining meaningful journalistic coverage.

My goal here is to help you make great strides as a journalist. Being seen by your customers is the separation between success and complete failure for businesses and business-people of all sizes. Here is one account of a tremendous public relations moment. The creator of 1-800-GOT-JUNK decided to call up a local news publication and he managed to convince them to advertise his business on the front page of their publication. This publication changed everything for him, as it helped him get his industry-disrupting business off the ground. Gaining exposure is vital to any business-owner, notes Gaurav Mohindra. Businesses of all sizes can use public relations strategies and gain heavily from them if they choose to put in the time and effort toward the endeavor. I will now try to break down three most important things one must do in order to execute an effective public relations campaign.

The first thing any business must do is introduce themselves. The media is always going to wish to know you know what you are talking about, so it is vital that you introduce and prove yourself through literature that explains your company and the services it offers. Begin with your biography. And be illustrative in order to keep your customer engaged. Gaurav Mohindra recognizes how important it is for businesses to keep their customers engaged.

Next you will want your news to be contextualized. Creating a successful public relations pitch is only made possible by placing the Writing a winning PR pitch means placing your news in locational and industrial context in order to allow your business to separate itself from its competitors. Consider what it is that makes your pitch and business concept more valuable than anyone else’s. Ask yourself if your business is offering something that no other business is offering.

Gaurav Mohindra: And last, you will want to be relevant with your placement. You don’t want to make a campaign in an inappropriate publication to your business’s goals and customer base. One strategy, is to keep an eye out for news stories that are very relevant to your business that you can offer an expert opinion on. The exposure that your presence would afford your businesses is easily worth the effort of keeping an eye out for good stories that may pertain to you and your businesses. Begin with a current event and begin contacting reporters who have or are likely to be involved in the coverage of that event.


Perhaps That 401(k) Isn’t Necessary

While we assume employees prefer to have a 401(k), it may actually be the case that they don’t need it or want it. Gaurav Mohindra recognizes that a 401(k) isn’t always a necessity. Below are a few reasons that they may be unnecessary.

Quite similarly to awarding equity, giving 401(k)s is currently an accepted standard, with many business runners thinking it is their only route to pulling in and keeping hold of talented employees. The Dept. of Labor appears to feel the same. A quite recent change in policy now makes it much simpler for small businesses to afford multiple-employer plans. This is worth taking note of, reflects Gaurav Mohindra. It is important, particularly for small business owners to consider whether a 401(k) is their best choice.

There are different options that may not only be better for your employees, but also for you as a small business owner. Below are a few reasons why.

For starters, it is costly and difficult to manage. The Department of Labor themselves admit that 401(k)s are particularly difficult to manage for small businesses. That is why they are attempting to make multiple-employer plans easier to offer. How expensive 401(k)s can be depends on the fund one uses and the fees associated with it. Business owners are also liable for things beyond their control.

Another reason is that as a business owner you have to watch out for audits. A 401(k) is subject to audit, whether it’s your own or a portion of a multiple-employer plan. If it happens to get audited, it isn’t the IRS who performs the audit, but the Department of Labor.

Gaurav Mohindra: There are better options than a 401(k). The average American is under the impression that they require $1,700,000 in order to retire. If this is the case, people should ask themselves why they’re so caught up in a protocol that limits your contributions to 19K per year. Because at that rate, it would take a person ninety years to save enough money to retire. This doesn’t even factor in the major tax you’ll have to pay when you eventually withdraw the funds.

Also, the primary reason a business owner would instate a retirement plan is if it is required in order to pull in and keep hold of good employees. When selecting a retirement plan, business owners should first consider whether it’s something their employees truly require of them.

Work Environment

A Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment is critical for workplace productivity and employee satisfaction.  It also promotes a team modality and can directly contribute to nearly all strategic roadmaps. The following write up is for informational purposes, and the suggested tips are for promoting a positive work place and environment.

1. Give More Informal Feedback. Feedback is important.  Sometimes feedback can be positive or negative, but regardless, the timeliness of feedback is important to show employees that their work throughput is being observed, considered, and evaluated.  For this reason, it’s important to share feedback – regularly, even if in informal structure on a regular and consistent basis.

2. Avoid Dramatic Showdowns. Drama is fun to watch on TV, especially reality TV.  But, it’s not fun at work. Emotions must be tempered, and feedback must be conveyed in a relaxed and professional setting.  Dramatic overtures are a distraction – not only for the parties involved, but also for those nearby who may observe the “overture” and those who learn of it thereafter.  For this reason, it’s important to portray the message within the confines of the personality and character of the environment.

3. Kindness is a Virtue. Employees work hard.  And, hard work can easily go unrecognized.  For this reason, take the extra step to positively convey affirmations of hard work and appreciations.  I have found that Starbucks gift cards or massage vouchers go a long way to show employee appreciation, says Gaurav Mohindra.  Ultimately, I want my team members to know that I value them, and that their efforts are not going unnoticed, continued Gaurav Mohindra.

4. Keep Regularly Scheduled Performance Evaluations.  Everyone has a love/hate relationship with performance evaluations.  But, they serve an important purpose and must be adhered to in a timely and consistent fashion. Evaluations can be difficult as they attempt to quantify and qualify a somewhat subjective metric.  There are great tools and tips for providing relevant and accurate evaluative feedback to employees.  Evaluations should be scheduled well in advance, prepared for in advance, and open for follow up feedback discussion – if warranted. 

Most workplaces include a diverse group of colleagues bringing different skillsets and experiences together to achieve a collective goal. By providing a positive environment for your employees it is proven that a more productive and collaborative environment is created, thereby creating a better team and work experience.  For more tips and discussion around workplace productivity, employee/employer relations, and corporate HR – please follow my blog.  Gaurav Mohindra.


Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping is becoming more popular than retail shopping.  Not only are sales data supporting this assertion, but the reality of numerous brick and mortar stores closing across the country support this assumption as well, says Gaurav Mohindra.

While online shopping is becoming more popular, there are still many reasons to be careful and cautious when doing so.  The following tips are helpful when shopping this holiday season.

Take your time. Typically, you find a product you through a Google search.  And, that search may take you to a new site.  But prior to making the purchase, ask yourself “Do you know the site?” and “Is the deal too good to be true?” Many susceptible sales take place on shady websites that give the impression of legitimacy but end up giving the user a headache in trying to contact unavailable customer service when items don’t appear or mis-charges on credit cards.

Ensure the website is secure.  Web security is widely prevalent through the web, and for good reason.  Secure websites use technologies like encryption and authentication to verify your login credentials and protect your personal information – including your financial information like credit card numbers, says Gaurav Mohindra.  When shopping online, make sure to look for the lock symbol (oftentimes in the bottom header) that means it’s using an encrypted connection. More than a few sites use fake domains that look like the legit site with perhaps a misspelling or added character. Often the site will try to look as close to the original as possible.

Be cautious and guard your personal info. Don’t enter your personal information into websites when using public internet connections – such as in public places like coffee shops or libraries.  These public connections are susceptible to hackers and may lead to comprising your credentials and/or financial information.  For this reason, try to connect to private and known networks (such as your work or home) when needing to enter your private information.

Update your virus protection and operating system. Virus exist, and they are a threat to phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.  One way to prevent having your devices infected is to leverage anti-virus protection software to ensure that you can detect viruses prior to becoming infected.  Many such virus are designed to mimic the online shopping experience and build your confidence to capture your personal information.  For this reason, build-in a consistent and stable defense from the outset by having such tools.


The Making of a Hollywood Blockbuster

Movies are big business.   Hollywood, Bollywood, and other niche markets gross massive revenues.  Oftentimes, these revenues are categorized as media and mass market numbers.  However, most movies need customer buyer in which is played and drawn on human emotion.  People need to identify and want to watch a movie – prior to going out and watching that movie.

2019 was a relatively quiet year for movies.  However, the big blow out movie for the year was The Joker.  The Joker is a biopic upon the antagonist villain portrayed in the DC Comics’ Batman.  Herein, The Joker was played by Joaquin Phoenix and was directed by Todd Philips.  The movie, is considered to be an origin movie.  Thereby depicting how the Joker became the Joker.  And, quite frankly – it’s brilliant, says Gaurav Mohindra.

Phoenix brought life to a comic book page villain, and did so with style.  While the character was clearly deranged – Phoenix did an amazing job to humanize the character.  This is not the first time a Hollywood star actor took on the role of The Joker.  One of the first occasions was when Jack Nicholson portrayed the comic villain in the eponymous story.  Nicholson brought charm charisma and character to the role.  But, Phoenix brought a 2019 draught and disdain that in this day and age can be viewed as relatable lunacy. 

The character is clearly deranged, and the plot is half fantasy/half comic book reality – but it works.  One feels the pain of the protagonist/antagonist – and the audience craves for a happy ending.  However, in true Hollywood ire – the fictional reality is almost more real than everyday life.  And that, in and of itself – is almost admirable, but also realistically frighteningly scary. 

The Joker is a madman.  And the evolution of a mentally challenged man to madman is brilliantly depicted on screen.  This evolution is frighteningly real.  A modern day villain is often portrayed in newspapers in a very similar vein as The Joker, due to his actions.  However, prior to The Joker “lashing out” he clearly was slipping away from reality.  And, this happens to people every day. 

This movie was not only playing on the origins of a broad and popular comic ecosphere.  It was also showcasing a glimpse in the mental health ailments of today.  For this reason, The Joker should not only be viewed as a piece or art – for it’s “comic” value, but also for humanizing the ugly side of mental health – and showing how the pain is more real than fiction, say Gaurav Mohindra.


A Trip Down the Road

Gaurav Mohindra

I think Jack Kerouac was a far more impressive novelist than a poet, though he wrote his fair share of poems. His book Mexico City Blues sits beside me, and I look to it every now and again, but I don’t consider any of it real, serious poetry. I think his charm is more evident in prose, says Gaurav Mohindra. Poetry is too restrictive a medium for Kerouac. In his poetry, he tries to be too primal with sound play and line breaks, and it doesn’t quite translate. Kerouac typed the first draft of On the Road on a single 50-foot long scroll and in record time, though it wasn’t easy for him to get it published. Since the initial publication of On the Road though, the original, unedited copy, (the scroll,) has been published, and the first, most obvious difference between the first published edition and the Original Scroll (which is a recent publication,) is that Kerouac uses everyone’s real names in the Original Scroll. So Neal Cassady is simply called Neal Cassady instead of Dean Moriarty, and Allen Ginsberg is referred to as Allen Ginsberg rather than Carlo Marx.

Gaurav Mohindra

Another important distinction between the two is that the Original Scroll is uncensored. At the time of publication, 1957, six years after Kerouac finished drafting the novel, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, (friend and publisher of Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl,’) was involved in long, drawn-out trials over the poem, of which, copies were seized for obscenity by U.S. Customs. So, the obscenity and libel laws of the time being what they were, Kerouac’s publisher, Viking, who was afraid of being sued, had Kerouac either omit or soften some of the more explicit language and depictions of sex. They also were afraid of being sued for libel, particularly by anyone seeing themselves as being depicted in an unfavorable light, so they had Kerouac change all the character names as well, says Gaurav Mohindra. I always wondered how much revelation of others in one’s writing is fair. Kerouac’s friends and their personalities are on full display in On the Road, and while some of them are public figures who might have been accustomed to having their business out in the open, others, like Neal Cassady, are relatively private individuals who I don’t believe have much to gain from having their romantic and criminal exploits cataloged and immortalized in literature. One could argue that On the Road serves as a sort of legacy for Neal, but with the novel detailing some of the more unsavory moments in his life, I don’t know if it’s a legacy he would have signed off on.

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Gaurav Mohindra

A Picture of Cancer

I, like Henry Miller, find beauty in the strangest of places; a streetlamp casting its light on the road, the soft fabric of the t-shirts I live in, or a carefully crafted sandwich even. I sit and type as my oven warms itself in wait of the bread I will feed it. My toaster lies useless on the counter in hopes of repair. Too busy to go out and buy another one and craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the oven will have to do for now. I don’t often write about food, but right now I am. Henry Miller wrote a lot about food. He also wrote about prostitutes. I think he wrote about the things he craved most. He was hungry most of the time, as he seldom had a stable source of income, says Gaurav Mohindra. His bohemian lifestyle led him to prioritize food, as it was never easy to come by. In Tropic of Cancer, he details his meals so lavishly your mouth begins to salivate. He writes about food and its acquisition in the most tragic and epic language conceivable

Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn contain some of the most impressive prose ever written. I am perpetually moved by the writing in these novels, and I revisit them frequently. Miller’s writing is ecstatically lyrical—at times surrealistic and in others encyclopedic. He darts in and out of obscenities and pulls it off by sandwiching crude scenes in between long surrealistic rants filled with rapturous, mystical imagery. He’s a master novelist unafraid of scorn, daring to go where none have ever quite gone before.


Miller was hungry, perpetually. At least in the early part of his adult life before he managed to publish a few novels and secure a decent living. That’s the dream. It’s possible, but it certainly isn’t easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. I think Miller understood this, but at the same time, I think he strangely enjoyed some aspects of his poverty. It seemed to serve as a sort of fuel for him, says Gaurav Mohindra. He seemed to thrive in a state of want. It fed his writing, so to speak. His hunger sharpened his vision, it focused his desire, and his writing is full of it—full of desire and its pursuit.

Miller is constantly looking up at the stars, always dreaming of new possibilities, new frontiers, new loves, new foods, new experiences. He naturally finds himself in novel situations because he leaves himself completely open to the world, open to the experience. He bumps into things and things bump into him, and he dives into the life and shares his experiences with us, and sometimes even the lessons he’s taken away from them. I admire his starry-eyed mode of living and his lyrical prose. It culminates in a perfect storm of lush language and rich experience. I smell my oven toast burning.

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Ubers Continued Commitment to Safety

Uber has been proactively promoting new safety features throughout their platform to provide additional security and protection for users and drivers.  Recently they started raising safety awareness with college campuses as students return to school this fall, says Gaurav Mohindra.

Uber has been encouraging users to verify their drivers and cars, including car make and model and license plates prior to getting into the vehicle.  In addition, they encourage users to verify the driver’s photos.


Uber is providing additional alerts and banners to remind users to verify their cars and drivers prior to embarking on their rides.  These new safety measures show Uber’s commitment to providing a safe, trusted, and secure experience for its users, says Gaurav Mohindra.

Uber has seen rapid growth over the past few years, and it’s expected to continue seeing consistent growth as it enters into new markets and provides new service offerings.  Uber is now available in over 65 countries, and in over 600 cities.  Their presence is worldwide.  Safety is a measure that is important in each market and territory that it operates in.   Roughly, there are over 14 million trips conducted through the Uber platform per day.  Reports indicated that over 10 Billion trips have been completed thus far.  All of these metrics reflected worldwide usages.

Reports indicate that Uber’s market share in the United States is nearly 2/3s of the market – (or roughly 67%).  Along with such wide adoption and usage Uber is seeing significant revenue growth.  In 2018, Uber revenue was $11.3 billion.  That is a significant increase from the previous year.  Having such large revenue, provides Uber the resources to focus and improve on core features – such as safety.  One of Uber’s earliest features was to provide the model and type, and driver details to users prior to a ride starting.  There are nearly 4 million Uber drivers throughout the world, and its Uber’s focus to provide a safe platform for users and drivers.

Raising awareness with Colleges provides reinforcement to users to apply best practices and the tips on how to use the App for built-in safety features.  These reinforcement techniques are important, as they serve as passive reminders for users.  Passive reminders help users remember the tips if they ever need to apply them.  Uber is routinely providing new safety techniques and tips to users, and provides notices throughout the App and via email.


Voice Interoperability

New Standard in Voice Interoperability

Voice activation controls are garnering new interest amongst consumers.  Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa have helped bring a new frontier in voice controlled device activation.  Accordingly, it is not surprising that new standards to shape this field are emerging, says Gaurav Mohindra.

Amazon recently announced that a consortium of technology companies are working together to devise an initiative to foster compatibility amongst devices and products such that users may interchange said devices.  The commonality between the companies is the understanding that voice driven commands will shape technology commands, and user adoption will rise.  Working together, such companies, can determine how one device can operate in a host of modalities for even wider reach and broader adoption.


At least 30 companies are said to be involved in the new initiative, including: Amazon, Baidu, BMW, Bose, Cerence, ecobee, Harman, Logitech, Microsoft, Salesforce, Sonos, Sound United, Sony Audio Group, Spotify and Tencent; telecommunications operators like Free, Orange, SFR and Verizon; hardware solutions providers like Amlogic, InnoMedia, Intel, MediaTek, NXP Semiconductors, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., SGW Global and Tonly; and systems integrators like CommScope, DiscVision, Libre, Linkplay, MyBox, Sagemcom, StreamUnlimited and Sugr.

It’s interesting such a wide, diverse array of participating companies.  Having consumer electronics companies working with auto companies and telecome – shows that a broad approach is key for wide adoption, says Gaurav Mohindra.

It’s not uncommon for companies to work together to build out such a mutually beneficial standard.  Typically such standard developments include the participation of companies having standard essential patents (SEPs).  These SEPs become mandatory for allowance to participate within the standard.  When licensing the standard, SEPs must be licensed in a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) manner.  This threshold is a legal principal well established in law. 

Companies participating in the Voice Interoperability Initiative will work with one another to ensure customers have the freedom to interact with multiple voice services on a single device. Amongst the other participating companies, Qualcomm chipsets will be foundational in supporting a wide use in CES, automotive, and audio/video devices to ensure the same or similar framework will be employed across a wide variety of modalities – such that consumers may be able to leverage their voice across a wide spectrum and yield the same or similar intended response and action, says Gaurav Mohindra.

Amazon is expected to release a variety of new hardware devices to support and comply with the new initiative, and in doing so help expand its reach and adoption rates.