Challenges That Women Face in Workplace

Throughout history, women have faced bias and hardships when pursuing their careers. Thankfully, today’s workplace is much more inclusive and understanding. The following challenges, however, can still be hurdles for women who wish to succeed in their careers.

You might be surprised by the challenges that women face in the workplace. Whether they’re working in a corporate, teaching, or medical field, issues and challenges that many don’t expect arise. Though there have been great strides toward gender equality, advances still have to be made in certain sectors.

It’s no secret, women face more challenges in the workplace than men. From bias to simply being taken less seriously, it can sometimes be a challenge just getting through the door. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to lessen your chances of facing challenges like these. The first step is to realize what is going on, and then prepare yourself for it. This article will discuss some of the challenges women face in the workplace with Gaurav Mohindra.

Gender Bias:

Gender bias is still one of the challenges that women face in their workplace. Women can contribute well in many areas, such as teaching, medical or corporate sector. However, more often than not women are frequently criticized for reasons such as lack of experience or knowledge since they are new to the field. This can hurt a woman’s self-esteem, confidence, and motivation at work. Gender bias in the workplace occurs when colleagues make negative assumptions about women or when they treat them differently because they are women.

Insufficient Childcare and Support:

Gaurav Mohindra: Whenever a lady joins the office she faces many challenges like working with a colleague, managing her planned work, increasing her achievements, and at the same time taking care of her child. She has to choose between children or a career. In addition to this, she meets another challenge which is the lack of sufficient childcare facilities in the workplace. It is now becoming common for companies to provide child care services for their female employees but the service provided is not up to the expectation. Many organizations cannot help women in improving their productivity by providing different types of support such as flexible working hours, flexible systems for child care, programs that help women develop new skills and prepare them to return to work after having a child as well as the availability of support from colleagues/supervisors.

Double Jeopardy Factors:

Women face many unique challenges in the workplace related to gender, religion, and race. These “double jeopardy” factors lead women to experience greater difficulties in balancing career and family.

Fewer Wages for Women:

Women face many challenges in the workforce. They are paid less than men for doing similar jobs, and around the world have significantly less access to education, training, and capital (such as bank loans or business grants) than men do.


We want to hear about your experience as a woman in the workplace and what we can do even more to help women create the lives they want for themselves. Share your experiences with Gaurav Mohindra.

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