Check Out The 100 Most Popular Non-Branded Google Keywords

The team over at siegemedia put together a pretty cool list of the 100 most popular Google Keywords.

They preface the article by recognizing that branded terms like “Gmail” and “Craigslist” are frequently searched and are generally a common point of reference for Internet users.  They also make clear that the top five most searched keywords overall are “Gmail”, “Craigslist”, “Amazon”, “Yahoo”, and“Porn”.  They didn’t include any of these terms in their list – because, as they say “a giant list of navigational brand searches and porn isn’t interesting.”

Their research was focused more around non-brands.  They were curious about true keywords that are the aim of many SEOs world-wide.

siege media teamed with SEMRush to satiate their curiosity and compiled a top 100 keywords list.   The full list includes the 100 most searched for non-branded keywords on Google, in the United States region.  We have reproduced the top 25 for your amusement – but definitely check out the entire list (link below).

The list was compiled by manually sifting through the most popular search terms overall to find keywords that were not associated with a brand. To keep it clean – and a bit more relevant to their inquiry, they also removed porn-related keywords.

So…here’s the Top 25 non-branded keywords from their list (we included a bit of our own commentary next to each):

1. weather        (gotta know when it rains…!)

2. translate       (it’s a globally connected world!)

3. maps            (good to know where you are..!)

4. news            (gotta stay updated!)

5. calculator    (need to figure out the tip a restaurant)

6. g                  (yes…that’s the letter “g”)

7. youtube to mp3  (content is king!)

8. dictionary     (sometimes words just get fancy!)

9. f                    (yes…that’s the letter “f”)

10. translator     (se habla español?)

11. restaurants near me  (always looking for good local eats…!)

12. movies         (not surprised on this one)

13. speed test     (gotta have good bandwidth!)

14. cheap flights (travel is fun, especially when cheap!)

15. horoscope     (may be useful for a pickup line!)

16. unblocked games  (darn workplace filters

17. solitaire         (always a classic!)

18. mortgage calculator  (helpful tool!)

19. calendar        (gotta stay organized!)

20. games           (are always fun at work!)

21. map              (where are we?)

22. love quotes   (who said romance is dead?)

23. restaurants    (always good to know where to get good eats)

24. social security      (kinda surprised to see this one on the list)

25. spanish translator (se habla español?)


…check their entire Top 100 list at:

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