Send Money To Friends Through Facebook

Facebook announced a pretty cool feature today!  Starting today, Facebook users in France and the UK can send money amongst friends via a peer-to-peer payments service.  Facebook indicated that this is one of the most requested features in Messenger.

The new peer-to-peer payments will not be available in all of Europe yet, as it will only be available in UK and France. But, I’m sure if it’s successful it will be rolled out to a wider audience.

Facebook states (and we agree) that this is a convenient and secure way to send and receive money right in Messenger threads.  It will make it fast to send money without leaving a conversation. They have also added an animation of falling Euros and British Pounds, depending on the country, just for fun.

From Facebook – this is the first time Messenger has extended p2p payments since launching in the US in 2015, and since then, p2p payments in Messenger have been widely used to make life more seamless. Some recent Messenger research has shown it’s not just the transactional act of paying someone back, it’s the emotional importance of doing so. Reciprocity fosters happiness and builds trust. We’ve heard that people often want better ways to express themselves when sending money, like adding accompanying text, emoticons, pictures and GIFs; of course Messenger is the best place to do many of these things, so we hope we’re bringing even more functionality to the art of conversation.

The peer-to-peer payments are expected to roll out to everyone in the UK and France over the coming weeks. With this feature, people will be able to send money to others in their country (from a person in the UK to another person in the UK, for example) but not across borders.

For further details on this new Facebook feature, check out:

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