The Making of a Hollywood Blockbuster

Movies are big business.   Hollywood, Bollywood, and other niche markets gross massive revenues.  Oftentimes, these revenues are categorized as media and mass market numbers.  However, most movies need customer buyer in which is played and drawn on human emotion.  People need to identify and want to watch a movie – prior to going out and watching that movie.

2019 was a relatively quiet year for movies.  However, the big blow out movie for the year was The Joker.  The Joker is a biopic upon the antagonist villain portrayed in the DC Comics’ Batman.  Herein, The Joker was played by Joaquin Phoenix and was directed by Todd Philips.  The movie, is considered to be an origin movie.  Thereby depicting how the Joker became the Joker.  And, quite frankly – it’s brilliant, says Gaurav Mohindra.

Phoenix brought life to a comic book page villain, and did so with style.  While the character was clearly deranged – Phoenix did an amazing job to humanize the character.  This is not the first time a Hollywood star actor took on the role of The Joker.  One of the first occasions was when Jack Nicholson portrayed the comic villain in the eponymous story.  Nicholson brought charm charisma and character to the role.  But, Phoenix brought a 2019 draught and disdain that in this day and age can be viewed as relatable lunacy. 

The character is clearly deranged, and the plot is half fantasy/half comic book reality – but it works.  One feels the pain of the protagonist/antagonist – and the audience craves for a happy ending.  However, in true Hollywood ire – the fictional reality is almost more real than everyday life.  And that, in and of itself – is almost admirable, but also realistically frighteningly scary. 

The Joker is a madman.  And the evolution of a mentally challenged man to madman is brilliantly depicted on screen.  This evolution is frighteningly real.  A modern day villain is often portrayed in newspapers in a very similar vein as The Joker, due to his actions.  However, prior to The Joker “lashing out” he clearly was slipping away from reality.  And, this happens to people every day. 

This movie was not only playing on the origins of a broad and popular comic ecosphere.  It was also showcasing a glimpse in the mental health ailments of today.  For this reason, The Joker should not only be viewed as a piece or art – for it’s “comic” value, but also for humanizing the ugly side of mental health – and showing how the pain is more real than fiction, say Gaurav Mohindra.